TV Guide 75th Anniversary Gone With The Wind

TV Guide is celebrating the anniversary of the great film, “Gone With The Wind” with a special edition of their magazine. The TV Guide Magazine American Icons Special Edition tribute to the film is out today. The 100-page magazine, a celebration of the film classic’s upcoming 75th anniversary, includes never-before-seen photos, confidential movie memos and interviews. Unfortunately, the issue below seems to be unavailable to purchase any longer, but there are some copies available on EBay for purchase.

Gone With the Wind

Some think Gone With The Wind is the best film ever made. I’m not sure I’d agree, but it certainly has been the most popular and is truly a great American film.Filmed by David O. Selznick and starring the best that Hollywood could offer this film is probably the best known American film. Selznick was required to give MGM the distribution rights in exchange for the use of Clark Gable and $1,250,000 in financing.

Before casting had actually started, Margaret Mitchell was asked (during an interview) who, she felt, should play Rhett Butler. She replied (in all seriousness), “Groucho Marx.” Well the public certainly thought differently because it was considered by most that Gable was the only one who could play Rhett Butler.

Check out our page devoted to the film, in the Clark Gable Section.

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  1. I definitely want this issue as I am a gwtw collector. I tried the second website ( and every thing I entered would not bring up that issue to order.

  2. How do I order the GWTW special edition. None of the links work and the 2 bookstores in this area do not have the magazine.
    C Buechel

  3. Great Issue, I bought mine at Target! The Shaw-Tumblin Gone With The Wind Collection, featured throughout the magazine, will be on display at the Orange County Regional History Center in Orlando, Florida beginning August 16, 2014. This collection is the world’s largest.

  4. A Connie Sutherland boasts at great length regarding her participation “photographs and intervwews” with the TV Guide American Icons Magazine. Yet, for a single, banal quote on page 75 she is nowhere else to be found. Is this a case of either ego or editing?

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