The Seventh Veil, Directed by: Compton Bennett Universal Pictures, 1946

normal_sevebtgveile~0The Seventh Veil, 1946  is typical of British film in the late forties, 1946, and the fascination with psychotherapy and Freudian psychology at the time.  I don’t think this film will be on anybody else’s top ten, but its certainly on mine. I always wanted to learn to play the piano and, in fact, as an adult, I took piano lessons. Directed by Compton Bennett, it is the story of a girl brought up by her cousin, Nicholas, and molded by him to become a concert pianist.

The story begins with her attempting suicide and being afraid of her hands being hurt making her unable to play. Her psychiatrist, Herbert Lom tries to identify the roots of these fears by pulling back the seven veils of her psyche. It is told in flashbacks counterpointed by a lush piano-concerto background score. A young James Mason plays the fearsome Nicholas to perfection. Love this film, it makes me want to practice my piano!

Cast Includes:

  • James Mason …. Nicholas
  • Ann Todd …. Francesca Cunningham
  • Herbert Lom …. Doctor Larsen
  • Hugh McDermott …. Peter Gay
  • Albert Lieven …. Maxwell Leyden
  • Yvonne Owen …. Susan Brook
  • David Horne …. Dr. Kendall
  • Manning Whiley …. Dr. Irving
  • Grace Allardyce …. Nurse
  • Ernest Davies …. Parker
  • John Slater (I) …. James
  • Arnold Goldsborough …. Conductor
  • Muir Mathieson …. Conductor
Videos from this film:

The Seventh Veil 1945 Trailer

Herbert Lom & David Horne in The Seventh Veil (1945)

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