Little Women, Directed by: George Cukor RKO Radio Pictures, 1933


Little Women was Katharine Hepburn’s third film and one of her best. As a child, Little Women, written by Lousia May Alcott, was one of my favorite novels and this RKO, George Cukor directed version of the film is, in my opinion, the best. The beautiful way it was produced and photographed and the moving story, have never been surpassed. Kate was born to play Jo and she seems to me to be her. In fact, for the longest time I thought this was what Katharine Hepburn was really like. I don’t think I’m far wrong. Its an enchanting film and worth seeing.

Cast Includes:

  • Katharine Hepburn …. Josephine “Jo”
  • March Joan Bennett …. Amy March
  • Paul Lukas …. Professor Fritz Bhaer
  • Edna May Oliver …. Aunt March
  • Jean Parker …. Elizabeth “Beth” March
  • Frances Dee …. Margaret “Meg” March
  • Henry Stephenson …. Mr. Laurence
  • Douglass Montgomery …. Theodore “Laurie” Laurence
  • John Lodge …. John Brooke
  • Spring Byington …. Marmee
  • Samuel S. Hinds …. Mr. March
  • Mabel Colcord …. Hannah
  • Marion Ballou …. Mrs. Kirke
  • Nydia Westman …. MamieHarry Beresford …. Doctor Bangs

Videos from this film:

Little Women (1933) – Trailer

Christopher Columbus!

Little Women (1933) excerpt

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