Lawrence of Arabia


Lawrence of Arabia, Directed by: David Lean, Columbia Pictures, 1962

Lawrence of ArabiaLawrence of Arabia 1962, directed by David Lean and starring Peter O’Toole, Alec Guinness, Omar Sharif and many more famous actors. I have broken my rule by adding this film to my list since its from the early 60’s but, I couldn’t resist. This is also the only 70 mm film on my list and it is, by far, my favorite David Lean picture. I used to favor Dr. Zhivago, but that was before I saw Lawrence. The landscapes in the dessert are like breathtaking color field abstract paintings.

The film is about the life of the British soldier, T.E. Lawrence who aided the Bedouins’ in their battle against the Turks during World War I. Only see this film in wide screen and preferably in a theater; the grand scale looses allot on the small screen. The portrayal of Lawrence by Peter O’Toole is perfect.

Cast Includes:

  • Peter O’Toole …. T.E. Lawrence
  • Alec Guinness …. Prince Feisal
  • Anthony Quinn …. Auda abu Tayi
  • Jack Hawkins …. General Allenby
  • Omar Sharif …. Sherif Ali Ibn El Kharish
  • José Ferrer …. Turkish Bey
  • Anthony Quayle …. Colonel Harry Brighton
  • Claude Rains …. Mr. Dryden
  • Arthur Kennedy (I) …. Jackson Bentley
  • Donald Wolfit …. General Murray
  • I.S. Johar …. Gasim
  • Gamil Ratib …. Majid
  • Michel Ray …. Farraj
  • John Dimech …. Daud
  • Zia Mohyeddin …. Tafas
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