My ten Favorite Featured Films

You can probably tell that I love movies and see almost every film I can. While I am deeply entrenched in today’s film, I’m also a huge fan of classic films that were made between 1920 and 1960 during the era of the Studio System in Hollywood.

After seeing most films from this period, I have definite likes and dislikes. The following is a list of my “Top Ten Favorite Movies” with links to each page about them. I’m not implying that they are the best films of all time; just those that I’m especially fond of. I’ve created a separate page devoted to each film with lots of photos, links, videos and much more information. To visit them, just click on the links below. Also, I have sites devoted to many of the stars of these films.

My Top Ten Films (not in order of preference):

Other Classic Films of Note

Below is a list of other films I like that were made during this period, I mention above, that just didn’t make it to the top ten list. Some are highlighted at Classic Movie Favorites within the film star’s section and are noted with a link to the film page, but to learn more about the others either, go to the Internet Movie Database.  They are all worth seeing, I can assure youl.


  1. Your lists are very much like mine would be with one difference… Apparently you do not like GONE WITH THE WIND. Hmmmmmm. That is very interesting to me because I think it is wonderful and should be in every High School History Curriculum because so much about the Civil War is included in this marvelous picture.

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