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One of the reasons I listen to Old Time Radio programs is that I get to hear my favorite classic stars voices, and sometimes in the radio version of their most famous movies. So, at Classic Movie Favorites I thought I’d add a section so you, too could enjoy the favorite classic stars in these radio performances.

The radio was as popular back in classic movie times as is TV today. With digital versions of popular radio shows available now a days, people are re-discovering the classic shows which often times starred actresses and actors who are featured here on Classic Movie Favorites. Below are links to what is now called, “old time radio shows” that are either on this site or elsewhere.

The following is a selection of the Old Time Radio programs available at this site:

Ronald Colman 

The Halls of Ivy: Ronald Colman did lots of radio in the 1940’s and 1950’s. He is best known for his own radio program that began in the early 1950’s, The Halls of Ivy. I love this program because it features both Ronald, as Dr. Todd Hunter Hall, the President of Ivy College, and his wife Benita Colman as Mrs. Hall. Click Here to go to the page in the Colman section devoted to “The Halls Of Ivy.”

A Tale of Two Cities: The film is my favorite Ronald Colman film. This broadcast from the Lux Radio Theater broadcast January 12, 1942, hosted by Cecil B. Demille is certainly worthy for any Colman or Dickens fan. Click here to listen.

Orson Welles

The War of the Worlds: This is probably the most famous radio program ever since it scared the whole country into thinking we were being attacked by Martians, broadcast on October 31, 1938. This production done by Welles, Mercury Theater is truly a must for anyone interested in old time radio or Orson Welles.  Go to the Orson Welles section to listen to this famous broadcast.

worlds_film_landing-nologo.jpgBe sure to check out the PBS’s documentary “War of The Worlds 75th anniversary of The Panic Broadcast!”

Busby Berkeley

Listen to the Lullaby of Broadway from Busby Berkeley‘s great film Golddiggers of 1935Go to the Busby Berkeley section to listen.

Jean Harlow

In the Jean Harlow section there are lots of sound files. And you can read and listen to some clips about Jean’s radio appearances at this address.

Marlene Dietrich

Later in life, Marlene Dietrich was a very well received musical performer. Listen to clips from Marlene Dietrich’s record career at this address.

Cecil B. DeMille

Cecil B. DeMille was the host of a very popular series on radio called, The Lux Radio Theater.  Learn more about it at this address.

Free Halls of Ivy Hitckcock Lux Radio Theatre

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