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Hollywood Is Finally Getting Its Own Film Museum in LA

The plans to build a film museum in Hollywood have finally becoming a reality, with the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures museum set to open in 2019.

film museum
An artist’s rendering shows the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, due to be completed in 2019. (Renzo Piano Building Workshop/A.M.P.A.S. Images from L’Autre Image)

More than 90 years have passed since Hollywood’s official film organization first proposed plans to build its own museum, but now it’s finally getting one. 
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is building the museum. The organization presents the yearly Academy Awards ceremony, also called the Oscars.

The Academy includes more than 8,000 members, including actors, directors and other professionals in the film industry.

Museum officials say visitors will be able to “experience the magic of cinema” by learning about all parts of the film-making process.

The almost 27,000-square-meter complex is expected to cost $388 million to complete. The project is underway at the site of an historic Los Angeles department store built in 1939. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has used the building since 1994.

film museum
Judy Garland’s Ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz

The Academy Museum will include a 1,000-seat theater inside a huge addition with a rounded glass cover. This so-called “Sphere” will provide extended views of the Hollywood Hills.

Watch the video about the museum below:

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