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Greta Garbo, the lovely and mysterious star of classic film was born today, SEPTEMBER 18, 1905. She lived a life of solitude in her later years, but is still remembered by me and many others who love her work.  She was an amazing and beautiful person and we want to remember her today.


Garbo first worked as a soap-lather girl in a barber’s shop but eventually, on the advice of her friends, applied for, and accepted, a position in the PUB department store, running errands and working in the millinery department. Before long, she began modeling hats for the store’s catalogues, which led to a more lucrative job as a fashion model. In late 1920, a director of film commercials for the store began casting Garbo in roles advertising women’s clothing. Her first commercial premiered on 12 December 1920 and was followed by others the following year. Thus began Garbo’s cinematic career. In 1922, Garbo caught the attention of director Erik Arthur Petschler who gave her a part in his short comedy, Peter the Tramp.

In 1925, Garbo, then 20 and unable to speak English, was brought over from Sweden at the request of Mayer. Both Garbo and Stiller arrived in New York in July 1925 after a 10-day trip on the SS Drottningholm. But they remained in New York for more than six months without any word from MGM. They decided to travel to Los Angeles on their own, but another five weeks passed with no contact from the studio. On the verge of returning to Sweden, she wrote to her boyfriend back home: “You’re quite right when you think I don’t feel at home here…. Oh you lovely little Sweden, I promise that when I return to you my sad face will smile as never before.

Please visit our Greta Garbo Section here on Classic Movie Favorites where you can find out more about her, see photos, watch videos, etc. You won’t regret it.

Greta Garbo birthday 2016

May 2016 – Greta Garbo

We celebrated Ms. Garbo as a Favorite of the Month for May 2016 where we featured her all month with film reviews, bio info and more. Why not click on the banners below to learn more about this great actor of the classic era!


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