We love lots and lots of favorite classic actors, and enjoy focusing on our absolute favorites. Since this site is about our favorites, below are the actors I think are the best in classic film.  

There are sections here on James Mason, Ray Milland, David Niven, Laurence Olivier Tyrone Power and Franchot Tone. Each area features, a biography, films, photos, and much more. If time permits, I’ll add more actors to this section.

We love all of these actors; these are our absolute favorites.

Click on these links to go to the specific Actor section:

James Mason –  Ray MillandDavid Niven

Laurence Olivier Tyrone PowerFranchot Tone

Favorite Featured actors: M to Z
Favorite Featured actors: M to Z

 Below are links to sections on our Favorite Actors who have last names that begin with A to L are listed below:

Charles Boyer – Ronald Colman – Robert Donat – Clark Gable – John Gilbert

Laurence Harvey – Leslie Howard – James Mason

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