Busby Berkeley

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Busby Berkeley

busbyberkeleycinemaBusby Berkeley, was truly a genius of choreography and design. His design sense and knack for innovation in film is why I find him a fascinating personality who deserved his own section here on CMB.

When I was in college, although I majored in Painting, I took as many film history classes as possible, because I loved watching classic movies. The Professor of the class on American film focused on Busby Berkeley many times and even devoted a whole class just to his musical numbers.

Perhaps because of all those hours spent in the dark with those 1930’s musicals is the reason I like him as a director. My favorite Berkeley works are the films he did at Warner Brothers.  My artistic nature is the reason that I loved and enjoyed seeing the patterns and images he created with hundreds of dancers and elaborate set design.  He has never been matched!  I hope you will enjoy this trip detailing his life’s work as much as I did while creating this site.

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Busby Berkeley


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  1. just watched “Gold Diggers of 1933,” in which year I was 7 years old……….I remember the depression of the time, reflected in the musical numbers………….I remember wondering why we no longer received the local newspaper……….I missed the comic pages……….my mother said that ten cents would buy a loaf of bread,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,to state that the musical sequences are outstanding is an understatement; they are superb

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