This area of the site is devoted to our three Featured directors of classic film. Our featured directors  at CMF are Busby BerkeleyCecil B. Demille,  and Orson Welles.

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Busby Berkeley Cecil B. DeMille Orson Welles
Busby Berkeley Cecil B. Demille Orson Welles

Busby Berkeley 

Berkeley was a fabulous dance director who broke new ground with all the special effects he came up with for all of his film musicals starting in the 1930’s.

Cecil B. Demille

Demille was one of the founders of movie making. His innovations were copied again and again and he had a successful career from silent to sound films. His specialty was making film epics.

Orson Welles

Welles has made perhaps the best directed film of all time in his masterpiece of Citizen Kane which is in the favorite films section as one of my top ten all time favorite films. He was not as commercially successful as Berkeley and DeMille, but is the best director featured here. Welles’ monumental film Citizen Kane  was made while he ws still in his 20’s and is hard to top.  I can see his mark on many films that he didn’t even direct.  He directly superbly and a wonderful actor and producer!


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