Another Demille Sphinx found in CA desert


Another sphinx head has been discovered from the silent version of ‘The Ten Commandments’. While this new sculpture that has been found in the sands of Guadalupe-Nipoma, we’ve done lots of reporting about it prior to this new find.

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The most recent discovery is an intact 300 lb. plaster sphinx head, which was unearthed in early November by archaeologists excavating the 95-year old movie set.



Doug Jenzen, executive director of the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Center, said in a statement.

“The piece is unlike anything found on previous digs, the majority of it is preserved by sand with the original paint still intact.”

Jenzen noted that though the 1923 film was in black and white, the set was nonetheless painted in vibrant colors. The sets were designed by Peter Iribe. DeMille had an extensive set constructed among the vast dunes that included pharoahs, sphinxes and colossal temple gates.

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Streaming Both DeMille Versions
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