All web masters have concerns about original content being taken from their sites. Also, many visitors ask me about the photos, audio and other multimedia I have and whether they are copyrighted or not. So the following information is listed below to answer some of these questions.

Using My Original Images, Audio And Other Multimedia:

Sometimes those building new web sites wish to use original art work from other sites on their own site. Those images I created myself are mine and I’d prefer they not be used elsewhere without my permission. However, please contact me and I will consider your request.

Copyrighted Images, Audio and Other Multimedia:

All movie images, audio and other multimedia on my site of stars and films are either in the public domain or noted with their source in each sections Acknowledgment area. I scanned the photos myself, unless otherwise noted, and work very hard to see that they are as close to the original as possible by making them the correct size and resolution to load and look good on the web. So, if you want to use any of these images from my site, I would appreciate a link on your page to mine since I have properly scanned the photo for you.

However, please note that those images, audio and other multimedia remain the property of their original copyright holders and I am therefore not at liberty to give legal permission for their reproduction or other use.

Images, Audio and Other Multimedia I Use From Other Sites:

I’d also like to give credit for images which reside on my site that were scanned and found by other webmasters. When creating a site, sometimes photos about the topic are hard to find and therefore, there have been occasions when I’ve used images from other sites. My policy is to email the Webmaster and ask permission before I use the image. I always give full credit to the Webmaster for the images and those credits areusually located in an Acknowledgment or Links section. Because its very important to me to only use information I have permission to use, I ask that you contact me, if you notice that there is an image that may belong to you and, it has not been credited or you have not given me permission to use. Once I receive the email, I will be sure that you get full credit or remove it from my site, if that is your wish.

More Information

For more information regarding copyright, please go to where the web master, Elizabeth, has listed, in great detail, copyright do’s and don’ts:

  • Using Images and other materials from

There is also has an excellent page on Net Etiquette:

  • Internet Etiquette

I agree with everything said there and therefore, would like you to please follow her rules in regard to my site.

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