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 Norma Shearer

shearer-strangers-may-kissI first got interested in Norma Shearer when I saw her in the film, Marie Antoinette. I was fascinated to learn more about her and launched this information in 2004.

Norma Shearer had a career that spanned from silent to sound films allowing her to become one of the greatest stars to come out of the Hollywood system. By marrying the great producer Irving Thalberg, she increased her fame, but suffered through many difficulties with his early death. Like Garbo, she retired early in life, but left a legacy of wonderful films for us to remember always. This site is devoted to those memories.

Reviewing Shearer’s work, historians called her “the exemplar of sophisticated 1930s womanhood… exploring love and sex with an honesty that would be considered frank by modern standards”. While there had been instances of performers who were given a belated celebrity by historians, this was the first time that a star’s reputation had been restored by scholars. As a result, Shearer is celebrated as a feminist pioneer, “the first American film actress to make it chic and acceptable to be single and not a virgin on screen”. Her films continue to be exhibited and studied..

She was truly a lovely person and I enjoy her films over and over.  I have featured four of her films in the films section with their own pages, so be sure to check that out.

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  1. Thankfully, her career has been reassessed positively recently! I always felt she was served poorly by critics in the 1960s & 70s! One `critic` utterly faieds to spot her `Garbo` take off in “Idiots Delight”

  2. Norma is such an inspiration to all women. Her films should be required viewing in humanities classes just as classical novels like Hemmingway, Faulkner, and others are now. Leaking Shearer to the Mideast could spark a revolution.

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