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Marlene Dietrich

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Marlene DietrichI have always loved Marlene Dietrich, not just because she was amazingly beautiful or that she was a classic film giant, but because she was also a genuinely giving and caring person.  Being German, it might have been difficult for her to be chosen as a spokesperson for the United States during WWII, but she detested the Nazi’s and even went on tour for the USO.  She began as a “camp” kind of starlet, with her success in the German version of “The Blue Angel,” but developed into a first class actress and film icon.  Read below what is said about her on Wikipedia:

Marlene Dietrich a screen icon that later stars would follow and also was a fashion icon to the top designers. She once said, “I dress for myself. Not for the image, not for the public, not for the fashion, not for men.

Her public image included openly defying sexual norms, and she was known for her androgynous film roles and her bisexuality.

A significant volume of academic literature, especially since 1975, analyzes Dietrich’s image, as created by the movie industry, within various theoretical frameworks, including that of psycho-analysis. Emphasis is placed, inter alia, on the “fetishistic” manipulation of the female image.

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 Marlene Dietrich


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