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Katharine Hepburn Links

[icon style=”icon-link” size=”small” borders=”no”] The following are some links to other Katharine Hepburn sites:

Katharine Hepburn Acknowledgments

I’d like to acknowledge all the help I had with creating this section of CMF and the following information is here for that purpose. In order to be as factual as possible, I used Kate’s biography Me, Stories of My Life for most of the facts as well as, many other references listed below. No personal gain is made by this site and it is intended to be simply a tribute to my favorite actress.

If you think there is an image or information on this site which is yours and being used without permission, please contact me immediately. Thanks to Bruse Hershensen for some of the posters.

While most of the material presented here is available at public libraries, video or commercial photo dealers, this site is in no way trying to infringe upon the respective copyrights of the businesses of these entities, Fair Use Clause of Section 107 of the amended Copyright Act of 1976.

I used the following references:

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