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Jean Harlow Films

See special pages for my favorite Jean Harlow films that include photos, cast and crew, audio, video and synopsis information listed below:

Our Harlow Film Reviews:

A complete list of Jean Harlow films: (* indicates a silent or limited sound film)

  • Honor Bound* (Fox, 1928) unbilled extra
  • Moran Of The Marines* (Paramount, 1928) unbilled extra
  • Chasing Husbands* (Hal Roach Studios, 1928)
  • Fugitives* (Fox, 1929) unbilled extra
  • Why Be Good?* (First National, 1929) unbilled extra
  • The Unkissed Man* (Hal Roach Studios, 1929)
  • Why Is A Plumber?* (Hal Roach Studios, 1929)
  • Liberty* (Hal Roach Studios, 1929) billed as Harlean Carpenter
  • Thundering Toupees* (Hal Roach Studios, 1929)
  • Close Harmony (Paramount, 1929) unbilled extra
  • Double Whoopee* (Hal Roach Studios, 1929)
  • Bacon Grabbers* (Hal Roach Studios, 1929)
  • Masquerade (Fox, 1929) unbilled extra
  • This Thing Called Love (Pathe, 1929) unbilled extra
  • New York Nights (United Artists, 1929) unbilled extra
  • The Love Parade (Paramount, 1929) unbilled extra
  • The Saturday Night Kid (Paramount, 1929)
  • Weak But Willing (Al Christie Comedies, 1929) unbilled extra
  • Hell’s Angels (United Artists, 1930)
  • City Lights* (United Artists, 1931) unbilled extra
  • The Secret Six (MGM, 1931)
  • Iron Man (Universal, 1931)
  • The Public Enemy (Warner Brothers, 1931)
  • Scarface (United Artists, 1932) unbilled cameo appearance
  • Goldie (Fox, 1931)
  • Platinum Blonde (Columbia, 1931)
  • Three Wise Girls (Columbia, 1932)
  • Beast Of The City (MGM, 1932)
  • Red-Headed Woman (MGM, 1932)
  • Red Dust (MGM, 1932)
  • Dinner at Eight (MGM, 1933)
  • Hold Your Man (MGM, 1933)
  • Bombshell (MGM, 1933)
  • The Girl From Missouri (MGM, 1933)
  • Reckless (MGM,1935)
  • China Seas (MGM, 1935)
  • Riffraff (MGM, 1936)
  • Wife Versus Secretary (MGM,1936)
  • Suzy (MGM, 1936)
  • Libeled Lady (MGM, 1936)
  • Personal Property (MGM, 1937)
  • Saratoga (MGM, 1937) Jean died before filming was completed; MGM wanted to scrap or recast it but fans demanded to see her final work.

The following is information I have received from a visitor about lost Harlow films. He asked me to share this with you, so here it is:

“The following films are “lost” films:

  • Moran of the Marines
  • Chasing Husbands
  • Fugitives
  • Why Is a Plumber?
  • Thundering Toupees
  • Masquerade
  • This Thing Called Love
  • Weak But Willing.

Been checked with UCLA, USC, WCFTR, and The Library of Congress. I am trying to find stills of Jean in all of her bit parts and extra film appearances. “Honor Bound” can only be found in the Czech Republic and it has been restored with Czech intertitles. Most of the non-Laurel and Hardy Hal Roach short subjects are lost but “The Unkissed Man” is restored and is at George Eastman House. “Close Harmony” is at UCLA as is “The Love Parade”, “Goldie”, and “The Saturday Night Kid”. 

This information about lost films is provided by a Harlow fan.

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