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Jean Harlow Biography – A Life Too Short


Jean Harlow grew up in an average home the child of a dentist. She attended Hollywood School for Girls which was located at 1749 La Brea, just north of Hollywood Blvd. The building is currently the home of The Hollywood Women’s Club. This is the building where Jean attended 8th grade in 1925.

Samples from the images section of Jean’s childhood can be seen in the Jean Harlow Childhood Photo Gallery.

I’ve broken up the rest of the biography section into several parts. Please click on the links below to visit them.

You Must Remember This, the podcast that tells the secret and forgotten history of 20th-century Hollywood has posted about the early death of Jean Harlow. Creator and host Karina Longworth shares in the podcast: MGM Stories Part 6: Jean Harlow.

Listen below:

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