Jean Harlow Speaks

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Listen to Jean Harlow speak – Audio files

Jean Harlow’s distinct voice was nearly as famous as her platinum blonde hair and traffic-stopping figure.

Whether she was delivering a heart-felt dramatic line or cracking wise with incredible comedic timing, Jean placed her own indelible mark on the part she was playing. And let’s not forget to give a tip of the hat to the unseen writers who came up with these fabulous examples of my favorite lines from her films!

By the way, did you know that Jean spoke French in one of her films? It was at the end of Red Headed Woman!

Jean at the premiere of

Audio from films: below are pages that have information about the films as well as sounds from those films.

  Beast of the City
  China Seas
  The Girl from Missouri
  Hold Your Man
 Red Headed Woman
  Hells Angels
  Libeled Lady
  Red Dust
  Dinner at Eight

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