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Jean Harlow – The Blond Bombshell


This section at Classic Movie Favorites is the most comprehensive here and is had the most Jean Harlow information on the web with 100’s of Jean Harlow photos (personal and professional), sound files, descriptions and photos from her films, desktop wallpapers, two interviews of her biographers and lots more!

This Jean Harlow section would not be what it is without the support of Lisa Burks. Lisa retired her The Platinum Page. She was generous enough to allow me to use all of it’s information. Thanks Lisa!  Please visit her site by clicking here.

I am a big fan of Jean Harlow who died well before her time.  Her tragic early death means we will never really know what might have been. In my opinion, she would have been be bigger than many of her contemporaries.

Although very different in every way, Harlow is often compared to her successor, Marilyn Monroe.

Visit the multitudes of sections about Harlow here by clicking on the links above.

Jean Harlow was our Favorite of the Month for January 2015.  See what we posted by clicking on the banner below:

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Jean Harlow



  1. Jean Harlow is classy all the way! Love qll her films, especially The Three Wisegirls. Eight for Dinner is a lot like me and my ex-husband. Love your page and thank you!

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