Laurence Olivier

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Laurence Olivier

Laurence OlivierLaurence Olivier could speak William Shakespeare’s lines as naturally as if he were “actually thinking them”, said English playwright Charles Bennett, who met him in 1927. One of Olivier’s earliest successes as a Shakespearean actor on the London stage came in 1935 when he played “Romeo” and “Mercutio” in alternate performances of “Romeo and Juliet” with John Gielgud.

Known for Shakespeare, but also for Hollywood and British films, Laurence Olivier was not only a proficient actor, but also a director. His career spanned from the 1920’s until his death, where he tried all aspects of his art including musical theatrical productions.

He is perhaps best known to classic film fans for his Hollywood work such as two of  my top 10 favorite films, Wuthering Heights and Rebecca, but there is certainly more worth learning about him.

wutheringheights rebeccaindex

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