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Franchot Tone

tone510I believe the first time I ever saw Franchot Tone on film was in Mutiny on the Bounty when I was a teen and I was immediately captivated by his charm and natural talent. Now, I have seen most of his films and have always enjoyed them. When I got onto the internet, in the late 1990’s, I was dismayed that there was little about him online. Because of this, I decided in 2000 to develop my own site about him. Many of you who visit this site will also know of Lisa Burks who is writing an upcoming biography about Tone. I support Lisa in her endeavors and am looking forward to the book’s publication date. Along with Lisa, I hope to do my part in seeing that this talented and handsome actor is not forgotten. I’ve now completely renovated my Tone site with a new look and added additional content. I hope you will enjoy your visit and please write to me to let me know what you think.

To see many wonderful photographs of Franchot Tone, please visit this great site from Japan, Black & White: Franchot Tone.  The webmaster is a real fan of Franchot Tone and has scanned some beautiful photos that I know you will enjoy. She has allowed me to display some of her photos here, and I hope you enjoy them.

[icon style=”icon-shopping-cart” size=”small” borders=”no”] Check out Diana Altman book where she talks about Franchot Tone, “Hollywood East“. 

Franchot Tone was our Favorite of the Month for June 2015.  See all the posts we made about him during the month by clicking on the banner below:

June 2015 Favorite of the Month
Franchot Tone



  1. I have to agree. Hollywood could have done so much more with him, same for Ray Milland. He should never have been the back seat to mallow dramatic Joan Crawford.

    1. TCM Fan – Thanks for visiting and for commenting. I just watched The Stranger’a Return last night with Tone, Lionel Barrymore and Miriam Hopkins. He was great in it.

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