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David NivenDavid Niven is one of my favorite actors, not just because he is British, but because he had such charm and wit, that you couldn’t help watching him when he was on screen. He played all kinds of characters to the sad accused lonely man in Separate Tables to the squadron leader, Peter Carter in my favorite Niven film, “A Matter of Life and Death.” It is so worth a look and the film can be seen in it’s entirety on YouTube. Check it out in our David Niven Movie Clips section.

When asked why he seemed so incredibly cheerful all the time:

Well, old bean, life is really so bloody awful that I feel it’s my absolute duty to be chirpy and try and make everybody else happy too”.

Deadpanning after a streaker ran across stage during an Academy Award telecast:

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was almost bound to happen. But isn’t it fascinating to think that probably the only laugh that man will ever get in his life is by stripping off and showing his shortcomings?”

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  1. hiya I need help to find a david niven film, it is black & white movie possibly in 1940’s……..I only recall last 10 minutes of film. david niven wearing a flying pilots jacket speeding along a coastal road, it is a stormy night. the car is a low sport type car , he reaches a hotel or restaurant rushing into foyer looking for somebody. he enters a large dining room and spots a lone dark haired female, they exchange words then film cuts to closing credits, the final scene is more people sitting around a big table. there seems to be a celebration going on, david niven amongst them. I think it may be a birthday party as there are balloons and children. as credits roll on the camera focuses on a huge window facing a stormy sea waves crashing and rain teeming down….THE END. I really appreciate any information and help in tracing this film, I do know for certain it is NOT ‘a matter of life and death’

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