I have lots and lots of favorite classic actors, and I enjoy focusing on my absolute favorites whether they be well known now or not. Since this site is about my favorites, below are the actors I think are the best in classic film.  

There are sections here on Charles Boyer, Ronald Colman, Robert Donat, Clark Gable, John Gilbert, Laurence Harvey, Leslie Howard, James Mason, Ray Milland, David Niven, Laurence Olivier Tyrone Power and Franchot Tone. Each area features, a biography, films, photos, and much more. If time permits, I’ll add more actors to this section.

Click on these links to go to the specific Actor section:

Charles BoyerRonald ColmanRobert DonatClark GableJohn Gilbert

Laurence HarveyLeslie HowardJames Mason  Ray MillandDavid Niven

Laurence Olivier Tyrone PowerFranchot Tone



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