is a website run exclusively to celebrate classic movies.  The site wishes to celebrate classic actors, actresses, directors, films and much more from the classic era that we love.

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Lynn has always loved watching classic movies since she was a child and decided to bring together her interest in making web sites to her passion for classic film.  So, she started the work back in the mid 2000’s launching many individual sites that she has brought together under one roof here,”Classic Movie Favorites” in July, 2013.  Julie came on board in 2014 to write reviews and she has continued working on the site since then.

The intention is to celebrate anything classic movies which traditionally includes films from the beginning to about 1969. As time goes on, the definition of “classic” is slowly being broadened to include any films over 20 years old.  While the predominance of coverage here about classic movies prior to 1969, and primarily sound films, we reserve the right to include films, actors, actresses and directors from any period we deem appropriate.


Lynn – Owner

Growing up in Philadelphia, Lynn graduated with a BFA in Painting from The University of the Arts.  She then worked worked in architecture firms for many years and then, moved to higher education.  Further, she first worked in Admissions as an Associate Director and then as it’s Registrar at The University of the Arts.

She has always been a fan of classic movies and while working full time she spent most of her free time creating this website and others. In the winter of 2010, after spending about a year working on two other big entertainment web sites, HERE and HERE,  she decided that it was time to follow her dream of web design and move to California. She quit her day job as Registrar, sold her house and moved to LA (Santa Monica to be exact) in June, 2010.

In addition to creating and working on this web site, she now continues designing web sites for others and has her own web design business at She also attends many Hollywood area events which she chronicles at

Julie – Staff Writer/Editor

Julie joined Classic Movie Favorites as a guest writer back in October, 2014. With her avid interest in classic Hollywood she regularly reads biographies and watches documentaries from the golden age. Julie grew up in Hertfordshire, England and now lives in South Wales with her boyfriend and their two dogs.

Quickly, Julie’s qualities were noticed promoting her to the site’s Staff Writer and Editor.



  1. I had that photo of George White, Ellie and Bojangles and couldn’t remember where I found it on line. When I typed in their names with photo — your site popped up. I can’t believe all the info you had in this story Lynn. I’ve been a fan of Ellie’s for several years. My dad had dated her briefly back in NY before she moved out to LA at age 25. I knew from previous research that Bojangles is the godfather of Peter and Pearl Bailey the godmother. The fact that she stood up for blacks and civil rights, plus her work with the Hollywood Caravan, has made me so proud to be an American who also loves to dance.

    1. Thanks for commenting Eileen. Since I have known Peter Ford for over ten years, he has provided me with a lot of info about his mother. Your story is great.

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