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Eleanor Powell


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Eleanor Powell

Eleanor Powell DancingI was first drawn to Eleanor Powell because she had the same last name as me, but I soon learned to like her more because of her amazing talent.

The title, “The Queen of Tap Dancing” is not an exaggeration when you talk about Eleanor Powell. During the 1930’s and 1940’s she starred in the biggest musicals for MGM that there were. She danced her way through them tirelessly, making it all look so easy.

Eleanor Powell married stardom when she wed the also famous Glenn Ford. Together they had one son named, Peter.

Eleanor Powell, Peter Ford and Glenn Ford

Eleanor Powell, Peter Ford (as a child) and Glenn Ford.

 I have known Peter Ford for over ten years now as I have designed and now manage his site “” I also update his personal site and he has sanctioned my efforts for his mother. Peter recently published a biography about his father called, “Glenn Ford: A Life” and while the book is about Glenn Ford, there is also much in it about his mother. I strongly recommend it.

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