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Eleanor Powell

eleanor_powel-danceI was first drawn to Eleanor Powell because she had the same last name as me, but I soon learned to like her more because of her amazing talent.

The title, “The Queen of Tap Dancing” is not an exaggeration when you talk about Eleanor Powell. During the 1930’s and 1940’s she starred in the biggest musicals for MGM that there were. She danced her way through them tirelessly, making it all look so easy.

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Eleanor Powell married stardom when she wed the also famous Glenn Ford. Together they had one son named, Peter.

Eleanor Powell, Peter Ford and Glenn Ford

Eleanor Powell, Peter Ford (as a child) and Glenn Ford.

[icon style=”icon-exclamation-sign” size=”small” borders=”no”] I have known Peter Ford for over ten years now as I have designed and now manage his site “GlennFordBio.com.” I also update his personal site and he has sanctioned my efforts for his mother. Peter recently published a biography about his father called, “Glenn Ford: A Life” and while the book is about Glenn Ford, there is also much in it about his mother. I strongly recommend it.

[icon style=”icon-info-sign” size=”small” borders=”no”] Read our EXCLUSIVE five part interview with Eleanor Powell’s son, Peter Ford by clicking on the image below:

Eleanor Powell was our Favorite of the Month for March 2015. See all the posts we made about him during the month by clicking on the banner below:

March 2015 Favorite of the Month
Eleanor Powell



  1. Ms Powell was truly one of the most beautiful HoIIywood stars in the 30’s & 40’s. She is probably the best tap dancer ever…even better than
    Fred Astaire. Her skiIIs are so unique and creative that one can hardly believe her how creative her talent is when you see her movies! She also
    showed her traditional upbringing– when she married Glenn Ford, she quit the business to become a wife and mother. Glenn Ford may have not been the best of husbands, which is so sad for her. I am one of her biggest fans!
    There are too many adjectives to describe her great taIent — IoyaI, , loving, amazing, unique, fabulous, etc. etc., etc.
    America was blessed by a woman of her taIent, and character.

    1. PeppersMom – thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to reply. We are glad that there are fans still out there who remember her contribution.

  2. I just finished watching a clip of Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire dancing to the music of Begin the Beguine on You Tube. I couldn’t believe how great a dancer she was! I believe she was better than Astaire. And as I read about her life I learn that she was also a fine person and mother. … Norm

  3. Just watched Eleanor Powell in Lady be Good.
    What an amazingly talented, beautiful and vivacious lady.
    Great to see her commemorated on this site.

  4. I just saw Rosalie from 1937. I adore Eleanor Powell’s dancing! I re-watched the film several times to see her leading the West Point marching band. Incredible!! It is wonderful to see that so many others feel the same way I do.

  5. My favorite film is rosalie, but she was splendid in all of them. She was beautiful, a breathtaking dancer and a very good actress. I treasure her films immensely.

  6. Just saw “Born to Dance…” (1936). There is an actor in it who looks like Buddy Ebson, only much younger than on the “Beverly Hillbillies.” I was stunned by Eleanor Powell, she is simply incredible. Of course, as a kid in Hollywood (in the 1950s) I heard her name but never saw her in a picture. Jimmy Stewart was his usual self, giving an outstanding performance. Some of the other performers seem famillar. This picture is also quite interesting because of the ambiance, the world of the 30s rich is certainly amazing!

    1. Hi Tim, thanks for replying. Yes, that’s Buddy Ebson. He was a well known dancer before he was Jed Clampet, LOL!. We hope you’ll visit again!

  7. My mother, Lee Bailey, was Eleanor’s great friend and stand-in for many of the films she did. Mom had lost contact with Eleanor, but remained friends with her brother Cliff for many years. Lee passed away at 93 in 2001. My brother and I have some great stuff she saved from her years as a dancer.

  8. A beautifully talented, artistic, and intelligent woman whom I’m just heard of for the first time, ever, after watching Broadway Melody of 1940 this evening, December 20, 2015 on Turner Classic Movies – TCM. Wonderful performances.

  9. I just saw Broadway melody of 1940 last night and Eleanor Powell blew me away! I knew I had heard her name before, but I had no idea who she really was, and what an amazing dancer she was! I knew I had to look up her bio and find out what I could. After reading about her I’m even more impressed! Fred Astaire, Who? Sort of kidding, but I thought she was a better dancer by far, and she had a wonderful screen presence! I’m looking forward to more of her movies!

    1. Donna, thanks for commenting and for visiting the site. We featured Eleanor Powell with a whole month of posts about her films and life and I’ve interviewed her son, Peter Ford, so there’s lots to see here. We’re so glad that there are people out there that can see what a fabulous dancer she really was! See all the posts in her “Favorite of the Month” period here: http://www.classicmoviefavorites.com/category/classic-movie-favorites-original/favorite-of-the-month-march-2015/ and the exclusive interview with Peter Ford is here: http://www.classicmoviefavorites.com/exclusive-interview-with-peter-ford-son-of-eleanor-powell/. Thanks again, we hope you’ll visit our site often!

  10. Not only talented, but beautiful too. I have just watched three movies back to back starring Eleanor Powell. I had only previously seen snippets of her dancing and had never seen a full film My goodness, but that girl could dance. She leaves all other tap dancers in the dust. Her dancing routines were not only amazing, a lot of it was really physically outstanding and demanding. She must have worked hard to do what she did. I am so thankful the movies have been preserved for us to see because I considered my viewing a great treat.

  11. I just purchased Eleanor Powell’s Set of four best films from TCM! What an amazing dancer, a beautiful smile and personality! I plan to visit her grave site at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in the near future!

    1. Bruce, she was certainly one of the best dancers in Hollywood; we think she is the “Queen of Tap!” Thanks so much for seeking us out and for visiting Classic Movie Favorites; there’s lots more to see here!

  12. She comes onscreen and I don’t even have to see her face. That style is unmistakeable! She is, in this woman’s opinion, the finest female dancer to appear onscreen EVER.

  13. I agree,she was the most stunning perfomer and so gifted and talented.I watch on a regular basis her film clips on YouTube,I never fail to be mesmerised,I particularly enjoy where she dances the Boogie woogie,incredible!! Some so called stars and celebrities of today leave a lot to be desired,but back in Hollywood’s heyday they certainly did shine! Mike.(Ireland)

  14. Eleanor’s dancing blew me away; she’s absolutely the greatest tap dancer EVER. I came to this site to learn more about her, and she seemed like such a sweet, wonderful person. I love her so much. She’s inspired me to start taking tap lessons!! I’m 26 so I’ll never be near her talent of course, but it’s so much fun. I’m so glad people are still watching Eleanor’s movies and remembering this amazing woman.

  15. She had it all. Talent, beauty, physical stamina for such a demanding art, but it appears real character and integrity on top of it. I can’t believe she has to be “rediscovered”, as her impact on film should have never been forgotten. I love Ginger, but I think Eleanor’s face should be there right beside Ginger’s in the dancers’ pantheon.

  16. I love her too, so much! I think Fred Astaire gave her the greatest compliment when he said, “She put down iron like a man, no ricky ticky sissy stuff with Ellie!” I love that whole generation of Hollywood Gods and Goddesses! And he was right. She transcended gender, generation, race- she was just human, a divinely gifted, deep hearted human being.

  17. Why doesn’t anyone mention 7 Brides For Seven Brothers? Great family entertainment. She was great! But she was great in everything!

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